Osprey Tidal 44" Complete Longboard

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If you loved the Seismic Wave board, you're sure to love the Tidal!
The Tidal Wave Longboard Cruiser features a mammoth 44” x 9” deck made from 7 ply Canadian Maple and comes with a single kick tail to help execute tricks similar to a regular sized single kick skateboard. 
The 6mm risers on the underside of the deck help prevent wheel-bite allowing for smooth turning. Supported by the hard wearing yet lightweight aluminium trucks and PU bushings, the Tidal Wave longboard is ideal for those whose idea of skateboarding is closer to the smooth and fluid style of surfing, which makes it a great board for frustrated surfers looking to get some practice in when the waves are flat. 
The massive 65 x 75 PU wheels offer riders a smooth cruising experience whilst speed is delivered by the ABEC 9 chrome bearings, great for added zip when carving downhill.
  • 7ply Canadian maple deck
  • 44" x 9"
  • 80AB black grip tape
  • 85A durometer wheels
  • Single kick tail
  • Non-slip grip tape
  • 18cm heavy-duty aluminium trucks and base
  • Rubber risers
  • PU Cushion 75mm x 65mm
  • PU cast wheels
  • ABEC-9 chrome bearings rubber seal and oil lubrication
  • Great for cruising, carving and hill riding